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(1918) [MARC] Author: Nils Forsander
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"There should be no mendicant friars, that being
contrary to God’s order according to Deut. 15: 4.

"Put not your trust in any human being, such as the
sainted Virgin or any other saint, but trust in God
alone. Jer. 17: 5."

Doctor Nils sent his charges against Olavus Petri to
Bishop Hans Brask of Linkoping. When this
eminent divine learnt that Master Olov quoted Paul as an
authority, he is said to have exclaimed, "Paul were
better burnt than by all men learnt." These damning
words the prelate took care not to repeat later in his
official report.

While Olavus Petri was engaged in this preparatory
work, Gustav Vasa had, as regent, with the aid of "God
and the Swedish commonalty," liberated Sweden almost
completely from Danish oppression. At Strangnas, in
the summer of 1523, he held council with the
states-general, who on the sixth of June chose him king of
Sweden. Then and there the newly elected king learnt
for the first time of Luther and the Evangelical
Reformation, this through sermons preached by men who had
studied under Master Olov, and through Archdeacon
Andreae, who assured King Gustav I. that Holy
Writ, to which Luther and Olavus Petri appealed, did
not contain one word about the worldly power of the
pope and the bishops, but taught, quite to the contrary,
that these were to be the servants of the Church. To

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