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(1918) [MARC] Author: Nils Forsander
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himself, which He hath so highly prized as to have
bought and redeemed it with His own blood. Over
this communion are they made priests and bishops,
terms in which the same office is implied. For a parish
priest, placed as leader of God’s communion, the
Scriptures speak of as a bishop, that is, an overseer. From
what has now been said it appears clearly what the
priesthood is. It is an office, the holder of which is
commanded by God and strictly ordained to preach
the Word of God. This is the chief duty of his office;
therefore, if he neglects to preach, he neglects his entire
office. — — —

"Inasmuch as God hath so great zeal of His Word,
that it be preached, the Scriptures praise those ministers
who preach it faithfully. They are called good, wise,
blessed, and faithful servants; they are said to be doubly
worthy of honor; and the promise is given them that
they shall receive eternal life, and an everlasting crown,
and shall be placed over all the things that are God’s;
in short, they have promise of all that is good. As the
faithful preachers are thus highly lauded, so those who
preach unfaithfully or not at all are condemned and
threatened with eternal perdition. The Scriptures call
them lazy, faithless servants, wolves, knavish hirelings.
It is therefore a fearful and perilous thing to make a
pretense at the ministry and yet not preach as required
by that office. Thus saith Paul: ’For if I preach the

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