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(1918) [MARC] Author: Nils Forsander
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Eve, God, our Heavenly Father, took compassion on us
and out of His mercy alone sent His Son Jesus Christ
down to us in order that He should rid us of the sins
in which we were fallen and raise us up, that we
might be made fit to reenter God’s kingdom, from
which we had fallen. For this God caused Him to
suffer death and to rise again from the dead. Ultimately
He made a covenant with us, that if we turn from the
devil and his ways and join the Lord, putting all our
trust in the words of Jesus Christ, spoken in behalf of
the Father, then He will be kind and merciful unto us.
The essence of this covenant is God’s grace and
loving-kindness, in which we have implicit trust and faith,
according to His promise, so as to follow Him in spirit.
There is nothing lacking on His part; His promise He
will surely fulfill; but on our part there is much
lacking, so that we are not able to trust in His word and
promise as we ought.

"Therefore hath Christ Jesus, who was sent for our
conversion and salvation, by word and deed urgently
sought to bring us to believe and put our trust in the
promise and assurance of God. Among all his other
acts and institutions, He gave us certain tokens, which
are baptism and the sacrament of bread and wine, that
thereby we may be awakened to contemplation of the
promises and commands of God, and a realization of
our own duty, namely, to put full trust and faith in


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