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(1918) [MARC] Author: Nils Forsander
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there is any other foundation than the Word of God,
surely there is no true faith."

"Swedish Songs and Hymns" (Swenske songer eller
wisor nw pa nytt prentade, forokade och under en
an-nan skick an tillforenna utsatte) is a work founded on
two previous collections of hymns published by Olavus
Petri. Of the first, that of 1526, no copy has been
preserved. It contains ten hymns, including the one still in
use in almost literal form as number 49 in the Swedish
Psalm Book. The version here quoted is from the
Hymnal (No. 5):

Thou, Jesus Christ, didst man become
From death us to deliver;

Thy pitying eye beheld our doom,
That we were lost forever;

Thou gavest hope in direst need,

When death and hell with gaping greed
Were ready to devour us.

Thou couldst not bear that Satan’s might
Had in its grasp enslaved us;

In pity Thou didst for us fight,
And hast in mercy saved us.

From heaven Thou cam’st for our release,

To purchase our eternal peace
By bitter death and suffering.

And Thou hast taught us in Thy Word
That faith shall life inherit,

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