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(1918) [MARC] Author: Nils Forsander
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For Thou art merciful, O Lord,
And sav’st us by Thy merit,

If we but simply do believe

That all Thy children shall receive
The blessings Thou hast promised.

Our brother Thou art now become —
An honor beyond measure!

Thou wouldst our life with mercy crown
And give us richest treasure.

The world’s contempt we need not fear,

God’s Son is now our brother dear:
What power can now destroy us ?

All praise to Thee eternally,
For all Thy gracious favor;

We are God’s children now with Thee,
Lord Jesus Christ our Saviour.

Well may we one and all rejoice,

And praise our God with heart and voice;
He is our gracious Father.

(Rendered into English by O. H. Trdbert.)

From the second collection, that of 1530, two hymns
by Olavus Petri are still in use, namely, the one just
quoted and No. 21 in the same book. A third one
attributed to Olavus Petri (No. 59) has now no
resemblance to his Christmas hymn beyond the first line.
No. 21 of the present Psalm Book, slightly altered from
the author’s version, is thus rendered in the Hymnal
(No. 118):

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