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tranquillity we grow negligent and become less attentive
to the duty of our office than in time of persecution.
May God give us His Holy Spirit, to awaken us and
make us all diligent in time of peace and of strife."

Among the later writings of Olavus Petri is his
valuable "Swedish Chronicle," a critical work which
incurred the displeasure of King Gustav I. and was
accordingly suppressed. The king also took offense at his
published sermon of 1539, "Against the Horrible Oaths
and Blasphemies Now Generally Used."

His "Rules for Judges," already mentioned, and his
"Sermon on the Age and Early Mutations of the
World," together with his drama, "The Comedy of
Tobias," printed in 1550, were his last literary works.
His latter years Olavus Petri gave undivided to his
divine and richly blest calling as a preacher and pastor.

Laurentius Andreæ is better known as a church
politician than as an evangelical minister. As a writer and
church reformer he is most familiar to us through his
official writings in the capacity of secretary to the king.
Aside from these, we have but one small tract from his
hand, "A Short Instruction on Faith and Good Works,"
published in 1528. It is clear and simple in style, but
deals largely in the generalities of Christian doctrine.
A quotation reads: "Good works do not make men
good; on the contrary, good men do good works."

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