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(1918) [MARC] Author: Nils Forsander
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by intermittent revolts and by the constant
encroachments of the Church on state and private property.
Therefore the king demanded that the castles of the
bishops and all other superfluous property and income
of the Church should be turned over to the state. If
this were not done, said the king, it was his purpose to
lay down the scepter, and in that event he urged the
assembly to cast about for another ruler "more gentle
and successful."

The bourgeoisie (representatives of the cities and
the mining industries) ultimately declared their
readiness to live and die with the king. As to the "new
faith," they "demanded to know, before they adjourned,
which party was in the right, declaring their willingness
to listen to a disputation on that point, and urged that
the true doctrine thus established should be preached
everywhere. The spokesmen for the peasantry, while
assuring the king of their loyalty, also requested a
discussion on matters of faith, but evaded by subterfuges
the demand of the king for binding promises. The
nobility gave a different answer. They pledged loyalty to
the king and support to his reforms and demanded "that
the pure Word of God be preached everywhere,
according to God’s command, not uncertain signs, man-made
legends and fables, as has been very generally practiced
heretofore." The estates ultimately joined in the
resolutions of the nobility, in order to induce the king to

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