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(1918) [MARC] Author: Nils Forsander
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the king for the third time. This was known as the
Bell Revolt, having its cause in the opposition to an
order of the government that each church was to yield
up one church bell or its equivalent in money to help
pay the government debt to Liibeck. This revolt also
was of short duration, the Dalecarlians soon regretting
their hasty act.

After Johannes Magnus had left Sweden, the Church
was without an archbishop until Laurentius Petri, the
younger brother of Olavus Petri, was invested with
that office, with the king’s sanction. This man was an
almost unknown schoolmaster in Uppsala, whose gentle
manner and conversation gained him favor with the
king. A life guard of fifty men placed at his disposal
by the monarch he soon discharged as needless, and the
appropriation for their keep he afterwards used for the
support of fifty poor students. Laurentius Andreae, the
king’s chancellor, was soon discharged, and Olavus
Petri, who succeeded to the office, remained only until
1533, when he, too, was discharged.

The cause for the king’s dissatisfaction with these,
the earliest Swedish reformers, was to be found in their
opposition to his increasingly autocratic tendencies.
Andreae firmly maintained the independence of the
Church alongside of the state, and Olavus Petri held
that the supreme duty of kings is to further the
Christian and moral advancement of their peoples and that

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