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(1918) [MARC] Author: Nils Forsander
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ment, a hodgepodge of heinous charges interspersed
with passages from Scripture.

One of the charges against Andreae was his alleged
claim that with his evangelical flock of followers he was
as powerful as the king; another, that he had asked the
king what he wanted with so much money, since good
friends would be better and more useful to His Grace
than large sums of money. Further, the two Reformers
were charged with having induced the king to favor
the Reformation of the Church, a step which had
caused His Grace great worry and sacrifice, and brought
on revolts. The gravest charge, however, was that by
way of the confessional the two churchmen had been
cognizant of a conspiracy of the Liibeckers, detected in
1536, against the life of the king, but had failed to
inform him of the plot. Of this the king, however, had
been aware for some time and had spoken to Andreae
about the matter, it was claimed.

Olavus Petri replied in defense that he had always
stood by the king and had never sought to injure him.
Andreae requested a transcript of the numerous written
accusations in order to submit his defense in writing.
This was refused him, it is alleged. On the second of
January, 1540, the second day of the trial, the
defendants were condemned to die by the sword, on the
alleged ground that "Master Olov, without pain arid
torture," had admitted that he knew of the plot and

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