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(1918) [MARC] Author: Nils Forsander
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yet kept his silence, having only conferred with Master
Lars. The court, however, sent a deputation to the
king with a request that the lives of the convicted men
be spared; and doubtless the king’s purpose was, not to
execute the Reformers, but to set at nought their power.

In his memorial work of 1893, "On the Reformation
of the Church in Sweden," Archbishop A. N.
Sund-berg has this to say of the verdict passed on Olavus
Petri and Laurentius Andreae:

"Both of these great men, as is well known, were at
that time charged with high treason and condemned to
death by a very peculiarly constituted court and on the
most wretched evidence."

The sentences were commuted from death to heavy
fines, which reduced Andreae to poverty, and he died in
want in 1552. The bourgeoisie of Stockholm paid the
fine for Olavus Petri, and the king subsequently was
favorably disposed toward him, partly to requite him
for the injustice inflicted, partly to gain him for his
private ends. Thus Olavus Petri, who had been
ordained to the holy ministry in 1539, was then appointed
inspector of the Stockholm school and the year after was
made rector of Storkyrkan in Stockholm.

He was requested by the king to write the chronicles
of his reign, the monarch himself outlining the plan of
the work. A few years later the king asked him to
write a history of Christian the Tyrant and his reign.

Olavus Petri. 6.

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