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(1918) [MARC] Author: Nils Forsander
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1553 the chief counselor of the king in all church and
state affairs.

The wealth gathered in from the churches more than
sufficed for the expenditures of the realm, and the
surplus flowed into the private coffers of the king. Queen
Margareta is said to have made clothes for her
children out of chasubles, and used altar cloths for
pillow covers in the royal castles. On the other hand, very
little was done for the promotion of learning and for
the education of able ministers of the gospel. Nothing
was done to rehabilitate the University of Uppsala. The
king appropriated the revenues from sundry small
prebendary pastorates for the maintenance of a few students
at the German universities of Rostock and Wittenberg,
and he urged the people to send their sons to these

The last six years of the reign of Gustav I. proved
peaceful and prosperous, and were especially favorable
to the industries and commerce of Sweden. He is
rightly considered the organizer of the Swedish state
and its institutions. He died September 29, 1560,
having three months before bidden a touching farwell to
the assembled members of the Riksdag. In his farewell
address the king uttered this testimony: "Comfort and
blessing have come to me and to you in rich measure
through the true knowledge of the Word of God."

Olavus Petri somewhere has said: "It is no great task

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