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(1918) [MARC] Author: Nils Forsander
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to punish and to break down—that a heathen or a Turk
can do; it is a greater thing to strike down evil and
with reason and understanding set up and establish
that which is right and true." As a reformer he did
break down that part of the power and intrenchments
of the Roman Catholic Church which was foredoomed
to destruction; but his greatness lies in the upbuilding
of the Church of Sweden on a firm evangelical
foundation. This was accomplished primarily through his
translation of the New Testament into the Swedish
tongue and through his part in the translation of the
entire Bible. His "Book of Service," "The Swedish
Mass," and Psalm Book constituted in fact the popular
evangelical Lutheran confession in the reign of Gustav
I., before the Church of Sweden had been prepared for
the direct adoption of any official Lutheran confession,
not even that of Augsburg, adopted in 1530. The
reformatory resolution passed at Vasteras in 1527 was
simply this, "that the Word of God be preached clearly
and purely throughout the kingdom." The
states-gen-eral declared that those accused of a new and false
doctrine "had good ground and did not preach anything
but the Word of God."

True, the general spiritual culture was still low, and
worldliness seemed to prevail everywhere, yet the Word
preached by the Reformers and their followers was not
in vain, but bore fruit according to God’s promise,

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