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(1918) [MARC] Author: Nils Forsander
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Hesselman, while Dr. K. B. Westman furnished
excellent historical introductions to the volumes. One
highly competent reviewer has said of this publication:
"It is at once a patriotic and a churchly enterprise of
the greatest importance to the Swedish Church and the
Swedish people." At the quadricentennial Reformation
Jubilee celebrated at Uppsala October thirty-first, 1917,
the degree of Doctor of Theology (D. D.) was
conferred on Professor Henrik Schück, rector of the
university, by Archbishop Nathan Söderblom, with the
specific announcement that this was done in grateful
recognition of Professor Schück’s noteworthy services
in reviving and establishing the name and fame of
Olavus Petri, for by his archival researches, studies, and
writings he had brought the Reformer to light anew
and prompted a deeper appreciation of his life work.

The most characteristic traits of the spirit and style
of Olavus Petri, as found in his literary works, are, his
terse and forceful language, his calm, clear objectivity,
his severe earnestness, his implicit faith and trust in the
Scriptures, and his deep longing for eternal rest and
peace. While these characteristics were the peculiar
gifts of God to him, they were doubtless molded to
some extent by the nature of the country and the
general traits of the nation to which he belonged.

The Augustana Synod owes a debt of gratitude and
veneration to this noble Reformer, not only for his part

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