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(1869) [MARC] Author: Rasmus Rask
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sammœðra, forvitri, forvitra (Fms. 6,56) also: örviti
(Fms. 7,158), málóði (Færeyjíngas S. 218), fulltiði (Egilss.

The Comparison of Adjectives.

98. The Comparative is formed in Icelandic by:
-ara (neut.), ari (masc.), ari (fem.), (kalda-ra, colder;
harða-ra, harder); which takes the place of the a in the definite
form. The fem. Sing, and all genders of the Plur. retain i
everywhere (rarely Dat. in -um) as: spaka, Comparative; [[** semikolon sic: intet tilsvarende i dansk **]]
Neut. Masc. Fem.
Sing. Nom. spakara spakari spakari
Gen. Dat. Acc. spakara spakara spakari
Plur. Nom. Gen. Dat. Acc. spakari [[** dansk føyer til: (H. [=D.] spökurum). **]]

[[** NB Foregående tabell har avvikende oppsett iflg kilden selv. **]]

99. The Superlative is formed by adding to the root
-ast, astr, ust, and is thus declined:
Neut. Masc. Fem.
Indef. form. Nom. spakast spakastr̓ spökust
Acc. spakast spakastan spakasta etc.
Def. form. Nom. spakasta spakasti spakasta
Acc. spakasta spakasta spökustu etc.

Those which shorten in the Posit., also do so in the other
degrees, if the same cause exists, namely, that the termination
begins with a vowel, as:

        auðgara, auðgari, auðgast, auðgastr̓, auðgust etc.

100. There is however in many cases a shorter manner of
formation for these degrees, namely by dropping the final -a
and adding for the Comparative -ra, -ri, -ri, and for the
Superlative -st, -str, -st. The modification of vowels which requires
-r takes place (see 33. 34).
hit fagra fegra -ri fegr̓st fegr̓str̓ fegr̓st
lága lægra -ri lægst lægstr̓ lægst, lowest
lánga leingra -ri leingst leingstr͗ leingst, longest
or langa lengra -ri lengst lengstr̓ lengst
hit þraungva þreingra -ri þreingst -str̓ -st, closest
or þröngva þrengra -ri þrengst -str̓ -st, narrowest
hit stóra stœrra -ri stœrst -str̓ -st, greatest

[[** tabell forts. neste side **]]

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