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106. From the Genitive of the personal pronoun, are
formed seven possessive pronouns:
of the 1st person Sing. mitt minn mín (mine)
2nd þitt þinn þín (thine)
3rd sitt sinn [[** dansk har sinnn!! **]] sín (his)
1st Dual okkart okkarr okkur (your)
[[** hvor kommer da our inn her?: dette må være vår i to-tall **]]
2nd ykkart ykkarr ykkur [[** dette må være their i to-tall **]]
1st Plural vârt vârr vâr [[!** dette må være vår i flertall **]]
2nd yðvart yðvarr yður [[** dette må være their i flertall **]]

The three first are declined like the article (74), only they
receive a double t in the Neutr. and an accent, when an n
follows the i, as: míns, míns, minnar. The four last
pronouns are declined like indefinite adjectives, but they only
take n (instead of an) in the Acc. Masc. as: okkarn (not
okkaran), vârn (not vâran) etc., but the dissyllabic ones
contract as usual, Dat. okkru, okkrum, okkari.

107. The demonstrative Pronoun is irregular:

        þat, sá, sú, that; þetta, þessi, þessi this;

        hinn, hin, that, the other; declined thus:
Sing. Nom. þat þetta þessi þessi
Acc. þat þann þá þetta þenna þessa
Dat. því þeim þeirri þessu þessum þessi (-arri)
Gen. þess þess þeirrar þessa þessa þessar (-arrar)
Plur. Nom. þau þeir þær þessi þessir þessar
Acc. þau þá þær; þessi þessa þessar.
Dat. þeim þessum
Gen. þeirra þessarra.

and the article hit, hinn, hin (74) which very frequently
drops the h and forms in it, inn, in, or even et, enn, en.
These are all used as dem. pronouns, but the t is doubled in
the n. g. as hitt, hinn, hin, nor is the h dropped or the
e added, as its pronunciation sounds purer and more emphatic.

108. Relative and interrogative pronouns, are with the
exception of er and sem, the same, as:

        hvârt (hvort), hvârr, hvâr, which of the two

        hvert, hverr, hver, which of many

        hvílíkt, what like, of what kind

both declined as the indef. Adjectiv; only that they take in the

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