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168. The following govern the Accusative:

        um (of), over

        umhverfis, round about

        i gegnum, through, by

        umfram, before

        framyfir, over

        framundir, against,

also a great many combinations with um, as:

        út um, out of, outside,

        inn um; yfir um, í bríng um (around in a ring),

and those signifying a position, as:

        fyrir norðan, fyrir sunnan, fyrir ofan, fyrir
, fyrir utan, fyrir innan, also fyrir handan ána.

169. The Dativ govern:

                af, of

                frá, from

                ör, yr, ur, or, out

                undan, out of

                hjá, by

                ásamt, together with

                gagnvart, above

                mót, á móti, í móti, against,

with some combinations, as:

        út af, upp frá, fram or, á undan (before),

        framhjá, by, over;

        í gegn, against;

        á hendr, against, in opposition;

        til handa, for, for the best;

also: nær, nærri, fjarri, near, yet.

170. The Genitive govern:

                til, to

                an, on, without

                utan, out of

                innan, within

                auk, without

                millum, á milli, á meðal, between

                í stað (hans), instead of (his)

                sakir (fyrir sakir) by means of,

                sökum by means of,

                vegna by means of,

and the composita with megin, as:

        bádum megin, on both sides,

        öðrum megin, hinum megin, on each side,

        þessum megin, on this side,

        öllum megin, on all sides.

171. The Accusative and Dative govern:

                á, on

                í, to, in

                með, with

                við, with, by, against

                eptir, behind

                fyrir, for

                undir, under

                yfir, over,

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