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Ist Hero Sagas

were one of the first subjects of their prose tales. In the
Volsungasaga we find much of the germanic and northern
element, it tells of Sigfrid’s youthful deeds, this is followed by
the Ragnarlodbrokssaga, in which is set forth how the
danish king, having lost his queen Thora, marries Sigfrid’s
daughter, whose sons become the great conquerors.
Both Sagas belong to the 12th or beginning of the 13th Century.

The Vilkina or Niflungasaga are based on low
german poems and tales.

There are a number of sagas whose heroes are renowned
Icelanders, such as Finnbog and Gretter, Hialmter and
Ölver, Hromund, Hrôi and of the Swedish Herraud
and Bosi. Styrbiörn, the Swedefighter, Gautrek King
of Westgothia, and of his son Hrolf, and the Sagas of the
Norwegian An, the bow-man, Sturlaug the industrious,
Þorstein the son of Vîkings [[** aksent synes sic **]] and others.

Foreign Hero-Sagas were introduced into Iceland and
Norway during the 13th Century through translations, chiefly by
Hakon Hakonarson and the Icelandic clergy; of which

        Jôn [[** aksent synes sic, ellers ò?]] Halltôr, Bishop of Skalholt 1322—39 was the most
celebrated. Old British Legends are also early imported through
translations, the Bretasögur is said to have been made by
the monk Gunnlaug Leifson in Thingeyre (1218).

Many foreign sagas were transcribed by order of Hakon
VI, such as the Prophecies of Merlin, the Artursaga, the
Möttulssaga, the monk Robert, the Tristram ok
; and in the 13th Century the Alexandrasaga, and
the history of King Tyrus and Pilate, both by Brandr
who died Bishop of Holum in 1264. The precise time
when many of these sagas were translated is not known, as the
Tròamannasaga and the Spanish Flor and Blancheflur.

IInd The Historical Sagas

were written unter [[** sic!! = -d- Ν**]] the title Sögur, they contain much that
is mythic before the time of Halfdan the Black (863) but
much real history is interspersed, which is principally taken
from the pedigrees and traditions of the Nobles of the land. One
of the most important works, on the history of Iceland, chiefly
composed from the various family histories which were then

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