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(1869) [MARC] Author: Rasmus Rask
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the rules or art of poetry adopted by the Skalds subdivided
into three classes namely 1) reading and writing, 2) speaking
correctly and 3) writing verses as the result of the entire study.
It further contains a Dictionary of poetic synonymes and the
whole art of versification, alliteration, species of verse, etc.

The „Konungsskuggsiâ“ Kingsmirror, from the 12th
Century, is a curious collection of knowledge and experience.
It contains firstly physical and geographical curiosities, secondly,
rules of life and manners to be observed in the presence of
Kings and Courts, and hence its title.

The learned industry, so long and habitually practised by
these noble Icelanders, continued during the Centuries following,
but after the introduction of the Reformation, although literary
occupations were kept up, the authors wrote in latin, much
was translated, nor did poetry entirely die out, but the power
and the lustre of its might and beauty were gone, the Saga
with its powerful poetry and its heroic elements fled, and the
old Icelandic Art was at an end for ever.[1]

[1] We refer the student for further information to

Möbius, T., Ueber die ältere isländische Saga. 1852.

— — Ueber die altnordische Philologie. 1864.

— — Analecta Norrœna. Auswahl aus der isländischen und norwegischen Literatur des Mittelalters. 1859.

These books can be had of the publisher of this Grammar as well as:

Haldorsson’s Lexicon Islandico-Latino-Danicum.

Jónsson’s Icelandic-Danish Dictionary.

Fritzner, J., Old Norwegian Dictionary.

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