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> one of the last long songs liyongo sang was the song of wisdom:

"One man's wit is all men's wisdom.
One man's ambition is many men's misery.
One man's bread is another man's poison.
Many men's sweat is one man's luxury.
Many underlings' women may be one lord's property.
One man's deeds make him many men's hero.
Heroism is sung and danced in men's company,
for heroes are created by men and boys,
of themselves and for themselves.
Children come and children go, but mothers endure;
and men come and men go, but women endure!
As no man is a hero to a woman!
One man's muscle is many men's security.
One man's wealth is many men's poverty.
One man's knowledge is many men's jealousy.
One man's woman is in many men's fantasy.
One woman's knowledge is many people's enlightenment.
One woman's wisdom is many people's peace and safety.
A woman's beaty is sung by many men.
Her knowledge and wisdom is praised by many people.
But no man who is a hero, is a hero to his woman!
Like Homer more than Alexander, forever the singer shines;
the singer of heroes' praise, a thousand heroes survives.
And without a real hero, the singer can always fantisize.
Heroes come, and heroes go, but singers always endure!
I Liyongo the singer,
the singing king of a young and small nation,
I am greater than all kings and lords put together,
for I am the master of words, King of all Poets.
I am no hero to any man, nor woman, young nor old,
and when I die, no son, no exploit, never,
will spread my name beyond the purple horizons;
I dwell on their lips and sweet tongues,
my songs will live in peoples' hearts forever,
for I am Liyongo their singer, their poet;
I am Liyongo,their bard!"


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