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Navajo / Katarina Zaguri Trancher 1995

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Note: This work was first published in 1996, less than 70 years ago. Therefore, this work is protected by copyright, restricting your legal rights to reproduce it. However, you are welcome to view it on screen, as you do now. Read more about copyright.

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When I saw your face
I couldn't believe my eyes
The feeling of eternity that we shared
the love we cherist
the passion we lived
and the life we shared forever
You a navajo indian
I'm your queen of chiefs
In univers and all along
the indian land,
we lived side by side
the nature that god gave us
No dark side where in
sight as we made love
under the open sky
in bright moon light,
by the fire we
made our dreams real
who am I without
your spirit?!!!
My navajo Indian.

Katarina Zaguri Trancher 1995

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