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(1899-1912) With: Anders Schön
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Full resolution (JPEG) - On this page / på denna sida - The Vagrant. Translation of Malmström’s “Stafkarlen”. J. Lekberg

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250 j. lekberg.

To hide beneath a beggar’a hat a gray and aged head,
As no one knows the misery of the vagrant.

Thou kind and heavenly Father, to whom the needy pray,

How heavily ön me hasfate descended!
I know V ve often trespassed and gone from right astray,

But all have in some measure thus offended.
l’m driven out into the world deprived of home and kin,
White others only reap content and pleasure from their sin,
And know not of the misery of the vagrant.

Oh, whither do Ijourney! How miserable am II

No one to aid, my anguish ever growing!
Well does my life resemble the rifted autumn sky,
The yellow husk that’s every-whither blowing.
No place secure to rest my aching feet this earth me gåve,
E’en as the woimded hind I hobble bleeding to my grave,
But no one knows the misery of the vagrant.

The wealthy and the mighty they live in luxury

And fill each day excessively their table,
But to the wretched beggar they give but sparingly,

And seldom render help when they are able:
A few horns since a mobbish lörd, whose dog looked overfed,
Tossed me a copper and then heaped abuse upon my head, —
He did not know the misery of the vagrant.

Hos no one then compassion? Ah, many have, Fm sure.
But then ’tis not so much that men are greedy,

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