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(1899-1912) With: Anders Schön
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the vagrant. 251

lf only they were mindfid a beggar’s soul is also poor,

That it is oft his heart which is möre needy.
One man of means is Kard of heart, another may be kind,
A third is shoched at misery’s face, but still of dubious mind,
None understands the misery of the vagrant.

Although no hope I cherish, I witt no möre complain,

Myfeeble voice cannot express my grieving-,
In silence now I offer the prayers that were in vain,

My earthly trials soon I shall be leaving.
The God whofeeds thefamished beast, gives moisture to the weed,
Shall He not to etemity of my despair take heed?
He surdy Jcnows the misery of the vagrant.

In Him I’Il trast as evening its shadow softly throws
And shrouds my chilly bed; and I pray Heaven,
That now my soul find comfort, that sweet be my repose,

That me oblivion of the past be given.
For them 1’U pray who took from me what little I did own,
Then calmly fall asleep to wake wherefailureis unknown,
With Him who knowi the misery of the vagrant.

J. Lekberg.

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