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(1889) [MARC] Author: Leo Mechelin Translator: Charles J. Cooke
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1808. His Imperial Majesty was desirous of
consulting the deputies as to the condition
and wants of the land, and the means of
alle-viatino- its burdens.


Received b}^ Alexander I. in solemn audience,
the deputation presented a mémorandum
containing a summary of the provisions of the
fundamental laws for the formation of a legal
Diet, together with a declaration that this
deputation, elected and constituted in another
manner, was not competent to represent the
country nor to deliberate on questions requiring
the co-operation of the Estates ; hence it would
only be by convoking the Diet that His Majesty
could hear the voice of the nation.

The Emperor approved of the opinion
expressed by the deputation. By a decree
published on 1809, the Estates of Finland
were summoned to assemble on March 22, in the
town of Borgo, at a General Diet, conformably
with the laws and regulations.

(3) The Emperor was present at the opening
of the Diet, and signed, on March 15-27, the
very day of his arrival at Borgo, the follow-

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