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(1889) [MARC] Author: Leo Mechelin Translator: Charles J. Cooke
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inhabitants of the country by the oath taken
to the new sovereign, on the basis of the
Constitution confirmed by him, was acknowledged
both by the Emperor and the people. The
Emperor expressed this in his manifesto "to
all the inhabitants of Finland," published at
Borgo, 1809 ; no protest was heard in

the country.

The union thus established has been clearly
defined by the Emperor, not only in the
above-mentioned speeches of March 29th and July
18th, 1809, but also on other occasions, for
example, in the edict of the 15-2 7th March,
1810, concerning the militia, and from which
we give here the introduction :—
" His Imperial Majesty’s Gracious Manifesto.
cc From the moment that, through the Will of
Providence, Finland’s destiny was entrusted to
Us, it has been Our aim to rule that Land in
conformity with the liberties of the Nation
and the rights assured to it by its

" The proofs of devotion the Inhabitants have
given Us since the Oath of Fealty, which they

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