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(1889) [MARC] Author: Leo Mechelin Translator: Charles J. Cooke
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Grand Duchy, already settled by the Borgo
Acts. Mention was simply made in Clause YI.
of the Treaty of this fait accompli, it being
added that the King of Sweden considered
himself, by this very fact, freed from the
obligation, otherwise sacred, of making favourable
conditions in this respect for his former subjects.
The Treaty of Peace settles, in the first pJace,
certain questions with reference to the general
politics of this epoch, and especially stipulates
for the adhesion of the King of Sweden to the
continental blockade ; then the cession of
Finnish territory to the Emperor of Russia and the
demarcation of the frontier; lastly, the interests
of some private individuals, Swedes and
Fin-landers, as also the future commercial relations
between Finland and Sweden, &c., &c.

The line of frontier between Russia and
Finland remained at first as it bad been fixed
in 1743 between Russia and Sweden. But the
Emperor Alexander I. having considered it
advantageous to restore to Finland its unity,
reunited the province of Viborg to the Grand
Duchy {vide p. 3) by the decree of December


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