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(1889) [MARC] Author: Leo Mechelin Translator: Charles J. Cooke
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empire, Imperial Senate of Finland, without
there being any change in the organisation of
the Council, and still less in the Constitution of
the country, the validity of which Constitution
had been recognised by the Emperor in
perpetuity, both for himself and for his successors.

(9) The Diet was not convoked again by
Alexander I. nor during the reign of the
Emperor Nicholas. It is true rhat the
periodicity of the Diets had not been fixed by the
fundamental laws which the Emperor Alexander
had confirmed. But the co-operation of the
Estates being indispensable for all reforms of
laws and taxes, the prolonged stoppage of the
legislative machinery necessarily impeded the
development of the country. Hence it was
acknowledged, in certain official acts in the
first part of this period, that the convocation of
the Diet would have been desirable and would
have taken place had not the political
preoccupations of the empire prevented it.

Meantime the Government essayed to realise
as much progress as was possible, in spite of
the stoppage of legislative labour—sometimes

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