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(1889) [MARC] Author: Leo Mechelin Translator: Charles J. Cooke
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above-cited laws, e.^.,tlie Ordinance of March 20,
1870. which has extended the electoral franchise
and eligibility amongst the burgesses, and the
law of July 16, 1886, according to which the
Estates will possess for the future the right of
initiative in legislation, in common with the
Emperor and Grand Duke.

The statute of the State Council (Senate) of
August 18, 1809, is of a mixed nature. The
principal provisions of this enactment appertain
to the Constitution, but it also includes several
minor administrative regulations.

Among the general sources of the
constitutional law must be enumerated the Act passed
by Alexander I. and the Estates of Finland at
the opening of the Borgo Diet, of which mention
has already been made.—( Vide Section 3, pages
5 and 6).*

* The u King’s Chapter " (Konungabalken) of the " Code
of the Land ’’ (Landslagen) of 1442, being cited in § 2 of the
law of 1772, on the Form of Government, has also a place
amid the constitutional acts. The Code of 1442 did not
comprise the penal and civil laws only, but the Constitution of that
time as well, written in the " King’s Chapter." The other
parts of the Code of 1442 have been replaced by that of 1734 ;
but the " Konungabalken " is still quoted in the constitutional

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