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(1889) [MARC] Author: Leo Mechelin Translator: Charles J. Cooke
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Another group of the sources of constitutional
law is formed by the special enactments touching
the privileges of the four orders, particularly—

The privileges of the order of the nobility
of 1723;

The privileges of the clergy of 1723 ;

The confirmation of the rights of the
burgesses and of towns of 1789 ;

The confirmation of the rights of peasants
and the law on the rights of proprietors of
non-privileged lands of 1789.
These special enactments have been
considerably modified by various ordinances made
more particularly since 1863.

(12) The laws comprising the administrative
right are also in two distinct groups :

acts of the eighteenth century. It is in order to avoid
breaking the chain of historical development that people were
reminded, by these citations, of the principles expressed in the
dispositions of the law of 1442 concerning the relations
between the monarchical power and the people. There are
besides, in the text of 1442, some regulations which have
neither been abolished, nor replaced by subsequent dispositions.
— It is worthy of remark, then, that the interpretation of the
fundamental laws of Finland, which have their roots in the
past, must of necessity be based on the study of historical
sources.—(Author’s note.)

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