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(1889) [MARC] Author: Leo Mechelin Translator: Charles J. Cooke
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But most matters are definitely and finally
decided by tliis department of the Senate, as
the supreme authority for the administration of
the country. According to the statute of 1809,
the authority of the Senate is in general limited
by the laws, the budgets, and the ordinances of
the Emperor ; it is an executive power in the
strict sense of the word. But, in course of
time, the authority of the Senate, and especially
that of the Administrative Department, has been
considerably extended. Thus the department
is authorised :—

To control by instructions or statutes the
functions o E subordinate authorities and the
ad.ministration of Government property ;

To determine rates and charges and to
make regulations and bye-laws for the
management of railways and canals ;

To appoint to public offices of a rank below
the 7 th class ;

To grant remissions in custom-house cases ;

To decrease or increase the number of
officials in the custom-house and at the pilot
stations and lighthouses ;

To sanction the organisation of
associations, public companies, corporations, &c.

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