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(1889) [MARC] Author: Leo Mechelin Translator: Charles J. Cooke
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former times, was re-establislied by a decree of

The Procurator-General.

(23) The procurator has to see that the laws
are observed by public officials, so that no
citizen, whatever his station in life, be deprived
of his rights. Being thus the coadjutor of the
Governor-General, it is from him that the
procurator receives his orders.

The procurator must be present at the sittings
of the Senate, as often as his other occupations
allow.* By this means, as also by the reading
of the proccs-verbal, or pleadings in judicial
matters, he ascertains that the rules of procedure
have been observed.

" Should it happen that the Governor-General
or the Senate, in the exercise of their functions,
transgress the laws, it is the procurator’s duty
to remonstrate, showing, at the same time, in
what the transgression consists ; and should
no heed be given to his remonstrances he must

* In practice the procurator is present at all the sittings of
the Senate’s Plenum and at the reading of the procès-verbal
in the Department of Justice.—(Author’s note.)

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