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(1889) [MARC] Author: Leo Mechelin Translator: Charles J. Cooke
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(39) Resolutions of the Diet.

Measures are passed in eacli order by a
majority of votes. We will show later on in
what cases all four orders must agree, so that
the resolution of the Diet may hold good, and
in what cases the concurrence of three of the
orders suffices; as also under what circumstances
a grand committee of sixty members is formed,
provided with all the powers of the Diet itself
for settling questions submitted to it.

A special committee, composed of two
members from each order, is formed for the despatch
of business, and for the precise wording of the
reports in which the Estates present to the
Emperor their answers to proposals emanating
from His Majesty, or else their own proposals
and petitions.

The same may be said of the upper and ruling classes in
general, whereas the clergy and peasantry are nearly all of the
native Finnish race, hence these two last-mentioned orders
carry on the debates in Finnish. In the order of the burgesses
the Swedish tongue still reigns supreme, but there are not
wanting signs that the rising Finnish party may one day
possess a majority here too.— (Translator’s note.)

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