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(1889) [MARC] Author: Leo Mechelin Translator: Charles J. Cooke
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(42) The right of Initiative.

The Emperor and Grand Duke has the right
of initiative in all legislative matters.*

The Diet has the same right, but with certain
limitations; it does not extend to the
fundamental laws, nor to those on the organisation
of the national defence, nor to legislation
concerning the Press.

As to the exercise of the Emperor’s right of
initiative, it is the Senate which first prepares
the laws (vide section 17).t

But the initiative, properly speaking, only
takes place when the Emperor, after having
examined the projected measure, decides that
it shall be submitted to the Diet.

The right of initiative of the Diet implies the

* There is, however, a condition to be observed as regards
ecclesiastical legislation : every projected law concerning the
organisation of the Lutheran Church must be based on a
proposal made by the Council of that Church.—(Author’s note.)

f The Council of the Lutheran Church must be heard on
any legislative question touching the relations of this Church
with other Churches, and with the State, as also on so-called
mixed questions (marriages, &c.)—(Author’s note.)

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