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(1889) [MARC] Author: Leo Mechelin Translator: Charles J. Cooke
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of his liberty by the authorities, except in
cases of a criminal offence or else by virtue
of a sentence of a court of justice or of a
legal conviction (vide Note, section 14).

(b) Excepting the cases of legal
punishment entailing confiscation of property, no
one can be deprived of his property save for
the cause of public utility, in such cases and
in such manner as are established by the law
on expropriation, and then only for a fair
compensation made beforehand.

(c) No one can be deprived of his right to
be tried before the tribunal assigned by law,
nor prosecuted otherwise than according to
the rules of legal procedure. The formation
of extraordinary judicial tribunals or
commissions is not allowed.

(d) Every Finlander, without distinction of
class, has a right to acquire real estate.
Some lands are more or less exempt from the
ordinary land tax. Formerly these favoured
lands could only belong to members of the
order of nobles ; but this exclusive right
having been abolished, the immunities in

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