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(1889) [MARC] Author: Leo Mechelin Translator: Charles J. Cooke
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rector is reserved to tlie Emperor; in these cases
the Senate gives its opinion on the candidates,
amongst whom the Emperor chooses
independently of the result of the suffrage.

(54) The Greek Church.

In a few communes on the borders of Russia
and in certain towns there are parishes of the
Russo-Greek Church.* The clerçr of the rural

o «/

parishes are paid in almost the same manner
as the Lutheran clergy ; they receive the tithes
of land belonging to owners who profess the
Greek religion. In those towns where the
number of parishioners is very small, the priests
receive salaries from the State funds.

Finnish citizens belonging* to the Greek

ö o

Church have the same civil and political rights
as Lutherans.

There is, in the town of Yiborg, as the

* The number of Finnish citizens professing the orthodox
faith, that is the faitli of the Greek Church, is about 40,000’
i.e., approximative^ two per cent, of the population of the
Grand Duchy.—(Author’s note.)

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