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(1889) [MARC] Author: Leo Mechelin Translator: Charles J. Cooke
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of councillors must be augmented by special
election to a number exceeding by one-half tlie
ordinary number. All members of tlie
commune are eligible wlio have the right of voting
and are 25 years of age, excepting women,
bankrupts, and those accused of or condemned
for an infamous crime.

The governor, the secretary and the
controller of the province, the burgomaster, the
alderman, the police officials, the public
prosecutor, and the communal functionaries
subordinate to the municipal council, are ineligible.

Councillors are elected for three years, a
third of them retiring- annually; they receive
110 salaries. They choose from amongst their
number a president and vice-president. The
burgomaster, or his deputy, as president of
the bench of magistrates, must be present at
the meetings of the council.

The council may appoint committees for the


preparation of business.

Every town must have a finance office
(drätselkammare), charged with the
administration of the finances. The regulations of

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