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(1889) [MARC] Author: Leo Mechelin Translator: Charles J. Cooke
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tants, in general, have hitherto enjoyed. Moreover,
whilst hereby announcing to our faithful Finnish
subjects the above-mentioned Act, We are also
desirous of notifying to them that as We have
maintained and adapted Ourselves to the time-honoured
custom of this Land, We do deem the Oath of
Fealty that the Estates, in general, and the
Deputation of Peasants, in particular, did freely
and unconstrainedly take, in the name of their
brethren at home as well, to be good and binding
on all the Inhabitants of Finland without
exception. Thoroughly convinced that this good and
honest People will ever cherish towards Us and
Our successors that same fidelity and unshaken
attachment for which It has always distinguished
Itself, We shall not fail, with the Almighty’s aid,
to afford Them further proof of our constant
Fatherly solicitude for Their happiness and
well-being. Borgo, March 23, 1809.

(Signed) Alexander.

His Imperial Majesty’s Gracious assurance to
all Finland’s Inhabitants—given at St.
Petersburg, December 12/24, 1825.

We, Nicholas I., by God’s Grace, Emperor and
Autocrat over all the Russias and Grand Duke of
Finland, &c., etc., Make manifest : That as We, by
the will of Providence, have come into hereditary

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