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(1889) [MARC] Author: Leo Mechelin Translator: Charles J. Cooke
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possession of the Grand Ducliy of Finland, We
have hereby desired to confirm and ratify the
Religion and fundamental laws of the land, together
with the privileges and rights each Estate in the
aforesaid Grand Duchy, in particular, and all the
Inhabitants, in common, both high and low, have
hitherto enjoyed according to the Constitution:
Promising to preserve all these prerogatives and
statutes steadfastly and firmly in their full force.
In confirmation whereof, We have signed this Act
of assurance with Our own hand. Given in St.
Petersburg, December 12/24, 1825.

(Signed) Nicholas.

The Declaration of Alexander II., signed at St.
Petersburg 1855, is identical with the pre-

ceding, except that the words " according to the
Constitution " (enligt Constitution) have been
changed into " according to the Statute of the
land" (enligt detta lands Författning).* The last
sentence " In confirmation whereof, &c.," has also
been omitted.

The present Emperor and Grand Duke^ signed a

Manifesto exactlv similar to that of Alexander II.


It is dated March 2/14, 1881.

* Though worthy of notice, this slight alteration has no real
significance, the Swedish word " Författning " having
precisely the same meaning ns " Constitution."—(Note.)

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