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(1889) [MARC] Author: Leo Mechelin Translator: Charles J. Cooke
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translator’s appendix. 167


Finland lias 1540 kilometres of State railway,
representing a capital of 120 million marks. A
new line between Kuovola and Kuopio will shortly
be opened. Its length is 249 kilometres, the cost
bein^ reckoned at 17 million marks. Several other
railways are in course of construction. Besides the
above there is one short line belonging to a private


The canals, ali made by the State at a cost of
about 19 million marks, are of great importance for
maintaining communication with the vast lakes in
the interior. Tlie most remarkable is the Saima
Canal, which connects tlie lake of that name with
the Gulf of Finland. Its total length is 59
kilo-metres ; and, as the difference betwreen the levels
at the extremities is 250 feet, no less than 28 locks
were rendered necessary, many of which had to be
built in the granite rock that abounds in the

Telegraphs and Telephones.

All the principal towns and villages throughout
the Grand Duchy are connected by telegraph, which,
however, is under the control of the Russian
Government. Private telephone companies have
reached an astonishing degree of development,
especially in Helsingfors, the capital (pop. 65,000),

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