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(1889) [MARC] Author: Leo Mechelin Translator: Charles J. Cooke
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where probably more use is made of this institution
than in any other town of Europe of corresponding


The population of Finland has doubled since the
commencement of the century, and now reaches
nearly 2^ millions, of whom, in round numbers,
about 2 millions are represented by the native
Finns, 350,000 by descendants of the Swedish
settlers, 40,000 by Russians, 2000 by other
foreigners* (mostly Germans), and 1000 by
Laplanders, these latter living in the extreme north


Education is almost universal, only two per cent,
of the children of both sexes being unable to read
or write. Considering the sparsity of the
population and the climatical difficulties, this splendid
result speaks volumes for the zeal of the Finnish
Government and clergy alike.

* The great majority of the Russians and other foreigners
are naturalised Finnish subjects. — {Note.)


Westminster : Printed by Nichols and Sons, 25, Parliament Street.

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