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(1887) [MARC] Author: Viktor Rydberg Translator: Alfred Corning Clark With: Hans Anton Westesson Lindehn
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Napoleon caused to be made, did a portion of the golden
house again become accessible. The greater part of the
remains yet await the spade.
The darkness in the corridors, which obtained their
light from above, is a great obstacle to an ordinary trav-
eller, in the study of their pictures. In one of the pas-
sages, one may see eagles with outspread wings, and in
their beaks, medallions with portraits of the princely Ju-
lian house. Among the paintings of the vault, are land-
scapes, mythological pictures, such as Venus admiring
the beauty of her son, and mythic-historical, such as the
herdsman Faustulus before the foster-sons of the she-
On the other side of the baths of Titus, on the Esqui-
line hill, lie the so-called Sette Sale, vaults that were ori-
ginally reservoirs for the baths of the golden house, and
afterwards served the same purpose for the tJicrmm. It
was in a subterranean chamber, between the Sette Sale
and these thermae, but not in the corridor the cicerone
points out, that the Laocoon group was found, in 1506.
Of Nero’s other plans for building, nothing came.
To them belonged cutting through the isthmus of Cor-
inth ; towards which he, himself, during his art journey
in Hellas, dug the first spadeful.
Another plan—to extend Rome’s walls to the sea,
and cleanse the Tiber so that large vessels could anchor
under the Aventine—was not even begun ; nor was it
taken up by the Flavians, either, who wished to sink into
oblivion all that related to Nero, except his crimes.
When the sums that went to the building enterprises
and sumptuous court state of Nero were large enough to
empty even the treasury of the Roman realm, the most

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