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(1887) [MARC] Author: Viktor Rydberg Translator: Alfred Corning Clark With: Hans Anton Westesson Lindehn
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see his bust. There is reason to stop here, and tarry a
while on the round terrace that projects over the sea, and
is called " Belvedere," sung in the lays of poets, (still
more in the songs of the waves,) inviting to dreams with-
out mysticism, to contemplation without sadness. Over
the plain of glistening waters, mingling with glass-like
ring of the advancing waves, and fresh murmur of the
broken and retreating, from afar is faintly heard the fish-
erman’s song
Sul mare luccica
lastro d’argenio,
placzda k I’ottda
prosper ilvento—
O dolce Napoli,
suolo beato,
dove sorridere
voile il creato—
and meanwhile, sunshine and golden vapors strive with
each other out there on the horizon, Sorrento shines
like silver, and over coast and islands, liquid metallic
hues melt one into another.
When once you have torn yourself away from this
place, the grotto of Posilippo and the height where the
grave of Virgil is show^n, are not far off, if you are not
too chary of the minutes. With a custode as guide,
you ascend a winding staircase, bounded on both sides
by the rich vegetation of the South ;
you come to
views you shall never forget, when you have seen them
once ; and you are finally ushered into the vault con-
taining the grave; which, with its niches for urns hold-
ing the ashes of the dead, much resembles other colum-
baria, but in which you find the well-known inscrip-
tion :

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