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(1887) [MARC] Author: Viktor Rydberg Translator: Alfred Corning Clark With: Hans Anton Westesson Lindehn
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plans and Colossians, as well as the short, but liberal and
artistically beautiful, Epistle to Philemon. There, he is
said to have received the philosopher Seneca—tradition
knows of a correspondence between Paul and Seneca

besides another Roman of high degree, Theophilus, to
whom Luke has inscribed his gospel. Through the
soldiers who guarded Paul, knowledge of the new religion
was spread from the same centre to the captains of the
praetorian guard, and through them, to members of the
emperor’s household.
Between the bridge of Sextus and the Ghetto, on the
Via della Regola, behind the old church of S. Paolo alia
Regola, " Paul’s School" is to be found. In its present
shape, it is a moderately large hall, the walls of which are
full of inscriptions, quoted from the Acts of the Apostles,
but where there is otherwise nothing ancient or remarka-
ble, to be seen.
When Paul came the second time to Rome, he ac-
cepted the renewed invitation of Martialis, and stayed at
his house, until amid the tears of the Christians, he was
removed to the Mamertine prison.
The peace that reigned in Martialis’s dwelling, was
not of the outward kind ; for on one side of the house
ran via lata (Broad Street) the main artery connecting
the Roman market, the Capitol and the Field of Mars ;
and in its immediate neighborhood, the portico of the
great bazaar. Septa Julia, extended its colonnades. But
while the billows of human life roared round about this
home, its children stood in reverent silence around the
writing-table of Paul, or by the easel of Luke, and fol-
lowed with wonder the movements of the pen on the
parchment, or of the pencil on the canvas ; and as they

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