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(1887) [MARC] Author: Viktor Rydberg Translator: Alfred Corning Clark With: Hans Anton Westesson Lindehn
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Great. In the most ancient annals, this church is called
Titulusfascicles, in remembrance of the bandage, {fascia)
the apostle Peter lost here. The martyrs after whom it
was afterwards called, are not buried here, but in the sub-
terranean chapel of Flavia Domitilla, which was discovered
on the Ardeatine Way, and which was in course of ex-
cavation, when the author of these lines was in Rome.
When Peter had at last gotten outside the city walls,
he slackened his pace. The rain had stopped, the driv-
ing clouds collected in the East ; and from the cleared
portion of the sky, a faint starlight glimmered upon the
tombs that on both sides bordered the Appian Way.
He had accomplished about twelve minutes’ walk
from the city, when he thought he perceived a strange
light, moving along the road, and slowly approaching
It was not like the light of torch or lantern. It had
its own radiance, that might be compared to full star-
light, to the sheen of the Milky Way in a northern sky
and it formed a half-ring, like the glory around a hal-
lowed head.
Peter stopped, in surprise.
As the glory drew nearer, it ever lost its brightness
but more and more plainly, the outlines of a human
form grew visible, that was going on the way to the
The form, which was clad in a mantle, walked on the
side of the road opposite that on which Peter stood, and
seemed to stride past, without having noticed him.
But when the unknown had taken a few steps farther,
he turned. Peter, whose eyes could not stir from the ob-
ject before him, recognized the movement. Thus had

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