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(1887) [MARC] Author: Viktor Rydberg Translator: Alfred Corning Clark With: Hans Anton Westesson Lindehn
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by the captain of the watch. And so they walked, side
by side, hand in hand, comforting and cheering each
other, until they had come half way between the city
gate and the field where the church of St. Paul now rises,
or in other words to the point where the Chapel of the
Farewell now stands. There, they gave each other the
greeting of peace, as mentioned above, and after a tender
embrace, parted.
A few steps from the Chapel of the Farewell, stood a
weeping woman. Some say she was called Lemobia ;
others, that she was Plautilla, a matron belonging to the
afterwards imperial Flavian stock, and mother of Flavia
Domitilla, the martyr.
Paul, who recognized in her a beloved disciple,
stopped and said :
" Sister, rejoice in the faith, that
death does not part us ! And give me thy veil ; so
shall I give thee a token of that faith !
The woman gave him the veil, which Paul, when he
had come to the place of execution, bound over his eyes
before he knelt and received the death-blow. Several
days after this, (so says tradition,) Paul appeared to his
sister in the faith, and gave her again the bloody ban-
dage he had used for his eyes.
After a march of a quarter of an hour more, the pro-
cession of death strode past the field on the border of the
Tiber, where the magnificent church now rises in honor
of the poor and dev^oted Gentile apostle.
After this, its road led over the hills, with a glorious
view of the neighboring Campagna, among which, in our
day, runs the Via Ardeatina and past a villa belonging to
Salvius Otho (the same who was successor to Nero on
the imperial throne,) and at last led out upon tlie en-
closed field of blood.

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