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(1887) [MARC] Author: Viktor Rydberg Translator: Alfred Corning Clark With: Hans Anton Westesson Lindehn
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ing, but has on the contrary incessantly worked, as the
peasant does, in the sweat of his brow, he is now an old
man, poor ; and this poverty of his, to the campagnolo
sheds a shining halo around his head, before which the
glories of the church martyrs grow pale. Brave men
are not uncommon, says the campagnolo ; all the more
so, unselfish are ; but Garibaldi has shown that Italy can
bring forth even men of that stamp.
The same observation with regard to the campagnolo’s
idea of Garibaldi, I made one day during a ramble with
the poet B. B., on the Via Appia. On the way back we
went into a *’
casale," under the trellis of which we
washed down the dust of the road with a flask of wine,
brought by the host’s blooming daughter. Here, too, a
specimen of the people’s painting was offered for admi-
ration. One of the walls of the casale displayed a fresco,
representing on one side Italy, as a modern dame with a
crown on her head, on the other side Rome, draped in
the antique fashion and with Minerva’s helmet on her
head, both extending wreaths to a bearded old man
dressed in a red shirt, over whose head was to be read
" Giuseppe Garibaldi, the Just man." The fattore’s
brother had served under Garibaldi’s banner. He said
not a word of his hero’s proofs of manhood on the battle-
field, nor yet of his own, but he remarked with emphasis :
" my capitano is a man of honor and wishes the welfare
of the people." Unluckily, the people has not the same
language for Italy’s other statesmen.
When any cultivation of the soil takes place on the
campagna, the fattore hires workmen, who, driven by
hunger from their homes among the mountains, have
come down upon the plain at seed-time. Between the
sowing and the harvest, they go up to the olive-yards,

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