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(1923) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen - Tema: Russia
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as far as economics go, to secure anything whatever
of value for Europe.

Only one thing could, only one thing still can
save Europe: it is work, methodical, peaceable
work. And in so much as the States of the Old
Continent are dependent upon each other to a
degree that the war threw into sharper relief, the
reorganisation of Europe’s work would mean the
restoration of normal economic relations, permitting
each country to organise its home activities in
proper relation to the activities and possibilities
of other countries. Europe cannot expect to thrive
until it again becomes an economic organism
instead of a mere aggregate of ill-assorted particles.

National policy tends to make each country into
a unit which is as far as possible self-sufficient,
by securing for it whatever it may need, through
the medium of political expedients such as
annexations, alliances, or the creation of spheres of

In the period of international economics in which
we live, the results of this policy are almost always
negative, and have the sole effect of enfeebling
the nation which imagines it can be self-sufficing.

The only policy which can save Europe is that
which resolutely regards all problems from an
international economic point of view, and which in
every case seeks the solution which is most
favourable for the resumption of work all round, which
means the expansion of European production
generally, and of the capacity to distribute what is

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