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(1923) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen - Tema: Russia
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about 700 kilogrammes per hectare. A slight
improvement in Russia’s extremely primitive
agriculture ought therefore to increase her production
and exports to a very considerable extent.

What, then, are we to say of Russia to-day?

Is she or can she become an essential factor in
our economic life? Is she willing or competent to
co-operate in restoring the economic equilibrium
of Europe and in so doing to co-operate in
restoring peace? These are the questions that we must
try to answer, by passing in review the several
aspects of Russian life.

In this chapter I shall confine myself for the
present to emphasising the fact that Russia herself
really seems to possess the conditions for adopting
that economic and non-political view which has
been already indicated as necessary. In the course
of the Bolshevik revolution and during the
long-continued blockade due to the war, she has amply
experienced the impossibility of living without
buying from other countries. She has also been fully
convinced that in order to buy it is necessary to
sell. Thus the restoration of uninterrupted and
undisturbed economic relations of exchange with
other countries became the leading aim of her

Russia has purchased this experience at a dearer
price than any other country in Europe, since she
has had to pass through the almost complete
destruction of her industry and her trade in order to
acquire it. This very ruin of her economic life
is what has brought about the reawakening which

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