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(1923) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen - Tema: Russia
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Meanwhile, the Russian emigrants in Paris
became extremely active in opposing this
proposal, which they considered as a most
dangerous obstacle to their policy. When I
originally made my proposal I had several
meetings with them to consider it; and at that
time they rightly felt that they ought not to oppose
an attempt of that nature to carry relief to their
necessitous countrymen. But gradually their
attitude changed; and in particular when the
Supreme Council’s reply laid down the condition
that all hostilities in Russia must cease, they began
to raise a vigorous agitation. Their view was that
this condition would prevent Koltchak, who was
then in East Russia with his army, from
completing the work of marching on Moscow and
liberating Russia from the sway of Bolshevism.
They even delivered an official protest in the name
of the “Russian Political Conference,” signed by
Prince Lvov, S. Sazonov, N. Tchaikowsky and
B. Maklakoff.

It may be recalled that Soviet Russia was at
that time being attacked by Koltchak’s army in
the east, and Denikin’s army on the south; and
simultaneously Petlura’s forces were fighting
intermittently in Ukraine. Somewhat later came
Yudenitch’s offensive against Petrograd from the
Baltic Provinces. The Russian emigrants in Paris
were convinced that these attacks would attain
their object and demolish the Soviet administration.

This view of the emigrants was not, however,
shared in other quarters, where reliable information

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