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(1923) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen - Tema: Russia
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ourselves mean business and wish really to attain the proposed,
we would like to ask you whether this incantion [? inclusion]
of heterogeneous purposes has been finally adopted by yourself.

We expect that we will be able to make it clear to you that,
in order to realise your intentions, this intermission
[? intromission] must be carefully avoided.

You are no doubt aware that the cessation of the wars
forced upon the Russian people is likewise the object of our
most warm desires; it must be known to you that we have
many times proposed to the associated Governments to enter
into negotiations in order to put an end to the present
bloodshed and that we have even agreed to take part at the
conference at Prinkipo notwithstanding the extremely
unfavourable conditions proposed to us and also that we were
the only party to accept it. We responded in the same
peace-loving sense to overtures made by one of the Great Powers.

The Prinkipo conference was frustrated not by us but by
our adversaries, the protegees of the associated Powers the
counter-revolutionary Governments of Koltchak, Denikin
and the others. These are the people with the help of which
the Entente Governments are making war upon us and are
endeavouring to obtain our destruction, and wherever they
are victorious their victory means the triumph of the most
extreme barbarity and bestiality, streams of blood and
untold sufferings for the labouring masses, domination
of the wildest reaction.

Koltchak from east, Denikin from the south, the Roumanian
feudrie [?], the Polish and Finnish most reactionary militarists,
the German barons, Teutonian white guards from the west,
and Russian white guard bands from the north, these are the
enemies whom the Entente Governments move against
Soviet Russia and against whom as against Entente troops
we are carrying on a desperate struggle with ever growing

The so-called Governments of Koltchak and Denikin are
purely monarchical; all power belongs there to the wildest
adherents of Tsarism, extreme Tsarist papers are in every
way supported by them, Tsarist hymns are constantly sung,
their ceremonies the so-called constitution of Koltchak are
in reality monarchical, among their soldiers they distribute
only Tsarist literature, under the domination of Denikin
the adherents of the Constitutional Government of Russia

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