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(1923) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen - Tema: Russia
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are persecuted and under the domination of Koltchak the
adherents of the Constituent Assembly are imprisoned or

Pogrom waking [? making] literature is being widely
distributed by these so-called Governments, and wherever Jews
come under their domination they are the object of the most
horrible bestialities. In the West, the Polish legionaries and
the troops of the Ukrainian Counter-revolutionary Petlura,
who are both supported and even directed by the Entente
officers, have perpetrated such massacres of Jews, which
by far surpasses the most horrible misdeeds of the Black
Hundred of the old Tsarism. As the Russian Red Cross
in its appeal to the International Red Cross on April 28th
elaborately states whole villages, whole towns were burned
in Russia, neither sex nor age was spared and in numerous
places the whole Jewish population was literally wiped out
by these troops, headed by Entente generals and officers.

The realm [? In the realm] of Koltchak and Denikin every
thing that was gained by the peasants through the revolution
is being taken back from them. Koltchak declares solemnity
[? solemnly in] manifestoes that peasants must not take
possession [of] land again by force from the nobility, he orders
in his decrees that the seizure of the land of the gentry by
the peasants should be persecuted as a serious crime and
crushes the resistance of the peasants by wholesale massacres,
during which [in] some parts of Siberia many thousands of
peasants were killed en masse.

For the worker this domination means every possible
persecution, oppression, wholesale arrests and in many
cases wholesale shootings, so that in some towns the workers
were simply wiped out by the enraged ex-Tsarist officers,
who are at the head of the Koltchak troops. The horrors
perpetrated by these Koltchak officers defy description and
their victims are innumerable, including all that is progressive,
all that is free thinking [in] Siberia. Inebriated officers are
torturing, flogging, tormenting in every way the unfortunate
labouring population under their domination and to be a
worker is to be predestined to be the object of their brutalities.

These are the adversaries against whom we are engaged in
a desperate struggle and whom the associated Governments
in every way support, providing them with war material,
foodstuffs, financial help, military commanders, political

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